Update Password

Update the password for a given account. HTTP POST only.

HTTP Method

POST /api/account/update_password

Request Body — Required

Request body consists of a query string that contains the following parameters:
Name Details
v Description The version of the API to use
Allowed Values 1
Example v=1
api_token Description The API token used for this session
Allowed Values Hex String
Example api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
new_password Description New account password
Allowed Values String
Example new_password=example_password

Request Body — Optional

Name Details
username Description Sub-account for which the password should be updated
Allowed Values String
Example username=my_sub_account


HTTP Code Details
204 Description Success
Contents none
400 Description An error occurred
Contents Error description (see Error Format for details)

Example Requests

POST /api/account/update_password HTTP/1.1
Host: api.cielo24.com
Body: v=1&api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f&new_password=example_password

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 204 OK