Add Media To Job

Add a piece of media to an existing job. A job may only have a single piece of media associated with it, attempting to add additional media will return an error code.

To add media from a publicly accessible URL, make a GET request and specify the URL in the media_url parameter.

To add media from a local file, make a POST request. Do NOT specify the media_url parameter in the request URL. No content-type should be included in the HTTP header. Upload the media directly inline as the body of the request. The media should be uploaded as raw binary, no encoding (base64, hex, etc) is required. Chunk-transfer encoding is NOT supported. If uploading large files (500 mb and up), specify the Content-Length in the header. File size is limited to 10 gb.

HTTP Method

GET /api/job/add_media (from URL)
POST /api/job/add_media (from local file)

Query String Parameters — Required (always)

Name Details
v Description The version of the API to use
Allowed Values 1
Example v=1
api_token Description The API token used for this session
Allowed Values Hex String
Example api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
job_id Description The ID of the job to which media is added
Allowed Values Hex String
Example job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929

Query String Parameters — Required (when adding media from URL)

Name Details
media_url Description The URL from which media will be obtained
Allowed Values URL Encoded String

Query String Parameters — Optional (when adding media from URL)

Name Details
is_duplicate Description Allows creating multiple jobs with the same media_url
Allowed Values Boolean (not case-sensitive)
Default Value false
Example is_duplicate=true

Request Body — Required (when adding media from local file)

Name Details
not applicable Description Raw binary of a media file
Allowed Values not applicable
Example not applicable

HTTP Headers — Required (when uploading LARGE media files)

Name Details
Content-Length Description File size (in bytes)
Allowed Values Integer
Example 645809838


HTTP Code Details
200 Description Success
  "TaskId" : "Encoded Task ID"
400 Description An error occurred
Contents Error description (see Error Format for details)

Example Requests

GET /api/job/add_media?v=1&api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
& HTTP/1.1
POST /api/job/add_media?v=1&api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
&job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929 HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 645809838
Body: raw binary

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

{ "TaskId" : "41ec7d23fb4b45f9b48a13d0b7283bf2" }