Download Media

Downloads transcoded/generated media. Depending on the use-case of the job, there can be a number of transcoded flavors of the original submitted video unlike the get_media endpoint, this endpoint initiates a file download If no media exists for the requested media_type, an error message will return.

HTTP Method

GET /api/job/download_media

Query String Parameters – Required

Name Details
media_type Description Flavor of media to download
Allowed Values mp3, mp4, webm
Example media_type=mp3
api_token Description The API token used for this session
Allowed Values Hex String
Example api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
job_id Description The ID of the job
Allowed Values Hex String
Example job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929

Query String Parameters – Optional

Name Details
text_to_speech Description
Flag that signals to download the audio description text to speech

audio file generated for a job

Allowed Values Url Encoded Boolean String
Example text_to_speech=t


HTTP Code Details
200 Description Success
media file as body data
400 Description An error occurred
Contents Error description (see Error Format for details)

Example Requests

GET /api/job/download_media?api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
&job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929&media_type=mp3 HTTP/1.1

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: audio/mp3
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="test_job.mp3"
Content: --**File Content**--