Perform Transcription

Request that transcription be performed on the specified job. A callback URL, if specified, will be called when the transcription is complete. See callback documentation for details.

HTTP Method

GET /api/job/perform_transcription

Query String Parameters — Required

Name Details
v Description The version of the API to use
Allowed Values 1
Example v=1
api_token Description The API token used for this session
Allowed Values Hex String
Example api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
job_id Description The ID of the job
Allowed Values Hex String
Example job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929
transcription_fidelity Description The desired fidelity of the transcription
Allowed Values Fidelity Enumeration
Example transcription_fidelity=PREMIUM
The desired priority of the transcription.
Allowed Values Priority Enumeration
Example priority=STANDARD

Query String Parameters — Optional

Name Details
A URL with query string which will be called on completion.
If submitting the callback_url as a query string parameter, rather than
a value in the POST data, the callback_url should be URL encoded.
The callback URL can contain tags that will be replaced with
job specific data when the callback is called.
Below is the list of tags that are supported:
  {job_id} The job UUID
  {job_name} The job name
  {elementlist_version} The ElementList version
  {iwp_name} The Interim Work Product name associated with this
          ElementList version
Allowed Values URL Encoded String
A job options dictionary. See next section for details.
Allowed Values Stringified dictionary
Example options={"notes":"test","speaker_id":true}
A language code or a comma separated language codes list to translate
this job into.
If not specified, then no translation will be performed.
If specified, but the language code specified matches the language
code on the job request, then no translation will be performed.
Allowed Values See Languages (comma separated for multiple)
Example target_language=de,fr,it
The number of hours after submission that the job will be returned.
If not specified, it will be set to a default based on the value of
the priority parameter. The defaults are 24 and 48 for the
PRIORITY and STANDARD priorities respectively. If you
request a smaller number of hours than the default for the
priority you have selected, the priority will be automatically
changed. For example if you request a turnaround_hours of 16
with a priority of STANDARD, the priority will be automatically,
and silently, changed to PRIORITY.
Allowed Values Integer
Example turnaround_hours=36
Flag to determine whether the media is sent through
the standard product or the legacy product
Allowed Values URL Encoded String: true, false, y, n, t, f
Example standard_product=true
Job Options
The following options can be provided as a stringified dictionary.
The resulting string will be the value of the options query parameter.
Example: options={"notes":"test_note","speaker_id":true}
Name Details
Requires your approval of a job at specified points in the
workflow. When the job is ready for approval you will be emailed
a link that will take you to a web based tool you can use to view,
edit and approve the job. You may request approval at two points
in the workflow: before translation and before the job is returned.
Allowed Values [ TRANSLATION, RETURN ]
Default Value []
Example customer_approval_steps=[TRANSLATION]
Determines which web based tool to use for viewing, editing
and approving jobs.
Allowed Values [ AMARA, CIELO24 ]
Default Value CIELO24
Example customer_approval_tool=CIELO24
A JSON dictionary of key value pairs. These will be used
as substitution strings when building the callback URL and
custom DFXP caption header.
Allowed Values Single level JSON dictionary
Default Value {}
Example custom_metadata={"key":"value"}
Allows you to provide text that will be displayed to
the transcriber when the job is processed.
An HTML included will be escaped.
Allowed Values String ( <= 1000 characters)
Default Value “”
Example notes=sometext
Allows you to receive additional callbacks when interim
versions of the job are completed. If you specified a
callback_url, then a callback will sent for FINAL
regardless of the value of this option.
Allowed Values IWP Enumeration
Default Value []
Example return_iwp=[MECHANICAL,FINAL]
Requests that speaker names be identified.
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example speaker_id=true
Requests True Verbatim workflow.
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example enable_true_verbatim=true
Requests Specific First Pass Campaign.
Default Value NORMAL
Example first_pass_campaign=TRUE_VERBATIM
Requests that media intelligence be generated for the specified
interim/final versions of the transcript. Media intelligence data is
added to the ElementList and can be retrieve using the
get_elementlist API call.
See ElementList for details.
Allowed Values IWP Enumeration
Default Value []
Example generate_media_intelligence_iwp=[MECHANICAL,FINAL]
Requests that all noises and sounds be identified.
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example audio_description=true
Requests that any text that appears in the media be added to the transcription.
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example on_screen_text=true
Requests that lyrics to songs be transcribed instead of labeled [MUSIC].
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example music_lyrics=true
Requests that transcribers follow submitted instruction set.
Allowed Values Boolean
Default Value false
Example custom_special_handling=true


HTTP Code Details
200 Description Success
  "TaskId" : "Encoded Task ID"
400 Description An error occurred
Contents Error description (see Error Format for details)

Example Requests

GET /api/job/perform_transcription?v=1
&transcription_fidelity=PREMIUM&priority=STANDARD HTTP/1.1

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

{ "TaskId" : "41ec7d23fb4b45f9b48a13d0b7283bf2" }